Monday, January 10, 2011

Quick Post

I didn't mean to stay away so long, but life kind of gets in the way of blogging sometimes. That, and work. Today is a day off (from work), but my nursing skills are still necessary today. Unfortunately my dear sweet husband has contracted a respiratory bug, so I am taking care of him today (shhh...he's still sleeping, which is why I don't have all the machines fired studio is across the hall from the bedroom!) Even though I have been working, I did manage to finish Colt's little jogging set and did a bunch of label samples for the Fire department which could turn into a nice little embroidery job.  I have the Jalie cardigan cut out and pleats marked, ready to sew up (when a certain someone wakes up).  The order should arrive today with my fabric for the Pendrell sewalong that starts this week. Tasia made a cute little button for our blogs (see-->) and there is still time to get involved. I have a question for you...when does buying a ready made item make more sense than making it yourself? My daughter sent me a link to a breathable baby bumper for Colt's crib.  It looked ridiculously easy to make and so I set out to find the perfect fabric to make him one.  I was discouraged when I could not find what I had in mind for the bumpers, so I went to the website to gather more intelligence.  When I compared the cost of the bumpers to what I was seeing for fabric and notions, it made more sense to buy it, especially when I discovered that it could be shipped by Amazon to an APO address for free.  I will see how she likes it and get feedback.  I did see a cotton mesh at JoAnn's that looked promising and thought about embroidering simple line animals to make it more interesting than just white fabric.  It goes on sale Sunday, so I may pick some of that up to try it, but the important thing right now is to get something safe to protect his little arms and legs.  He just learned to roll from back to front and he likes to practice his new skill! I did wear my new leggings to work yesterday and they were fabulous! I wore it with the giraffe top and was too busy to snap a picture last night, so I will try to get a picture next time.  The pattern was McCall's 6173 and I made version C, the slouchy bottom, but did not slouch them. I had added about 4" because being a tall girl leggings never were long enough, but found that if I cut them out at the pattern length for slouch I got the perfect length for a pair of straight leggings.  As I mentioned before I did have to taper them in to get the desired fit, but all in all I was very pleased with the pattern.  I also plan to raise the rise about 1" in the back to insure undie coverage. I will make the minor tweaks and trace out a workable made-for-me go to leggings pattern! Well, I hear coughing upstairs, so it's M. Deeter, RN to the rescue!


gMarie said...

Oh I bet you looked very chic. I wore yoga pants all weekend long - I'm pretty sure you're leggings were more comfortable and you looked better too! g

McVal said...

Those are adorable! I know my girls would go ga-ga for some leggings.

Donna said...

Hi Mary, The leggings sound great. And I'm so envious of all the sewing you are doing! I've got lots of projects, but with business company, all I can do is so..and do a little de-cluttering on the side..and teach Algebra I and II to my last two boys that I'm homeschooling. We are finally back in the swing again. But my dear new Serger is just sitting there saying "Use me!". I lay in bed this morning dreaming of which projects I'd like to work on..but hostessing and cleaning had to come first. Sigh..

I did do a post you might like. I showed how to make your own fabric shower curtain. I made it just before Christmas for a friend. BTW, I was interested in your comment about when it's better to buy. I'm the first one to admit that sometimes, that is the case.

I'm planning to post how to make sleep sacks for toddlers sometime next week. That was something worth doing yourself. I made a pattern off of my granddaughter's sleep sack. Those things are pricey..but my version was really cheap!

You never know!


The Slapdash Sewist said...

If sewing the item won't be a pleasure and it can be had ready made for a similar price, I see no reason to sew it! Just buy the baby bumpers.

I hope you got to use the machines!

Julia said...

I'm sure the leggings were perfect on you.
I've seen those breathable baby bumper pads. My latest grands didn't get bumpers. Their moms decided against them.