Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Meet Ruby! (Or alternative title "Whoops, I Did it Again!)

 I had to go into "town" (I refer to LaPine loosely) yesterday and decided to pop into St. Vinnie's to see what the daily 50% off sale was. Bonus! Crafts were on sale, so I had to take a look. There was an older man with his daughter perusing the crafts and he turned around and exclaimed "ooh, Glitter!" That man is my people! The glitter was in a basket at my feet, so I handed it to him. We got into a discussion about, what else, sewing. I have a Singer 301 in a cabinet that I've been thinking of rehoming and so I offered it to him, but he is moving into a travel trailer. I will find the right person to pass her on to. She was given to me and she needs a little work. I've bought the parts, but truly I would rather spend my time sewing than working on the machines. Plus I have no space to put that machine (it's living in the garage right now) Anywho, St. Vinnie's had a half dozen sewing machines in the craft section, which have been there awhile. In the breezeway between the main part of the store and the furniture, there were three machines sitting on the floor. One was a Viking 5710 for $35.00. I opened it up and checked it out at the power station. Light came on, needle moved with the foot pedal so I took her home for $17.50. Upon getting home and getting to know her, I realized she was stuck in reverse! 😮 A quick Internet search found the fix, so with a hairdryer and some sewing oil, I soon had her purring like a kitten! While I was inside I gave her a good cleaning and oiling, so she is all ready for a sewing marathon! (Which will happen later today...I'm hosting my neighbors for coffee this morning) Without further Ruby!

She is a gorgeous burgundy color with a cream extension table. The accessory tray is cream also under the sewing arm. All the feet and a ton of bobbins were included and the foot pedal is massive! All of this fits in a sturdy case. I think she may become my travel machine. I love Lil' Kenny, but I think Ruby might be better, especially with the extension table. I'll report back after we work together on a few projects! Much love, Mary



Debbie Cook said...

Ahhh! I'm a Viking girl so, of course, I love Ruby! May you have many happy years together!

Mary Jean Cunningham said...

Wow! Wishing you good luck with Ruby - I have a Viking Huskystar and am quite happy with it, but I bet I'd like an older machine even more - they were just made more solid.

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