Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Boring Pictureless Post

Thought I'd announce that up front so if anyone was expeciting pictures...well, you're outta luck! I finished my Pendrell from the sewalong finally. Silly me...I had made the pattern up several times so I didn't pay alot of attention when cutting it out or looked at the directions when I started to sew. My plan was to do version B, but I cut the drapy sleeve of version A and then put the cap where the ruffle was supposed to go! What??? Didn't look like the picture (duh!), but actually was pretty cute! I knew it was wrong though, so I did the right thing and re-did it with the proper ruffle and cap sleeve. Much better!!! I'm waiting for a spring like day to wear it now. The drop was quite nice...a couple of prints for some new dresses and a white knit to make what??? Another Jalie cardigan! Probably will make another scarf tie top out of it too since I bought 4 yards. When I get on a roll with a pattern I go with it. I have found Jalie's great for those basic staple items in my wardrobe. I have another digitizing/embroidery job that my friend dropped off a jacket to put said design to be digitized on. (Nothing like a little encouragement) I have not felt much like doing the business since our chat with the tax accountant. Evidently withholding has been reduced, but tax to pay has not, so that just makes our liability greater. I have made some changes to help offset that, but looks like it's time to end Sewfast as a business. Boo!!! I have been shopping like a mad fiend for our little Colt. I know I should be sewing him more things, but truly, when I can get darling little Tuffskin jeans for considerably less than the fabric it is so much fun to buy him stuff. Guess that habit needs to slow down a bit until after the taxes are paid...double BOO!!! Today I am not feeling all that great...super tired, a little dizzy and a little nauseated. I'll get Tom to check my BP when I get home...I may be low again. Perhaps a bowl of salty popcorn and a movie are in order! I had to laugh when my cardiologist said "I don't normally say this to my patients, but you don't need to watch your sodium intake" Good thing...I love salt!!! More snow in the forecast tonight...when will Spring arrive?

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