Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Date Day!

Waiting for my Sweet Baboo to get up so we can start our day! I don't know why I get so excited to go to the Sportsmen's show...I just do! I like checking out all the vendor booths, love dreaming about the fishing adventure trips in Alaska I want to take (Clam Gulch, how I want to dig your giant razor clams!) and most of all I adore standing around watching the little ones at the trout pond! I hope one day Colt will be close enough that Gram and Pop can take him to catch a couple fish there! It's not all just hunting and fishing. We ended up with our investment firm through talking to one of the guys manning a booth. He ultimately left the company shortly after we joined and tried to pull us away to his new firm, but our original company assigned us an awesome guy (Hi Dan!) who has really been great in helping us with our financial goals.  We bought a cool chainsaw bear planter one year (which was a bear to get back to the car on the bus to the offsite parking!) and our big campstove (also a big item to transport!) We have taken in some great seminars, found awesome buys and met wonderful hunting dogs! Maybe we will find some adorable baby camo gear for Colt today! Ooh, I'm getting excited thinking about it all.
To distract myself I have been cleaning out my mailbox. has restocked their $1.95 clearance section for all of you looking to stock up.  A lot of lightweight shirting fabrics which would be great for summer sewing, but you know, I have a lot of great fabric already, so I quickly deleted the email (after putting some stuff in my shopping basket and having a heart to heart with myself). I can buy fabric whenever I want, but truly, just buying it because it is cheap is not sensible.  Not unlike my jewelry obsession on Ebay.  I get bored sometimes and go shopping for jewelry. Mind you, I set limits and it is more about finding something quirky and totally me for a bargain. Last night I found the most adorable vintage nursing related brass tone pin. It had cute bears on it (big bear collector here) with a hanging sign that says "Nurses Make it all Better". How could I not buy it? There was a bid of 99 cents on it already with a half hour to go. I waited...and waited...and waited til 20 seconds remained.....

I WON IT for $1.50!!! Woot!!! I did a happy dance and smiled for the rest of the night! Sometimes it's about making the sweet deal. My apologies to the person who lost out, but hey, it's happened to me before so it's all part of the game. You can't get too worked up about that or you'll start paying way too much for an item you've become emotionally attached to. Well, I better get busy as Tom will be up soon. The new printer came yesterday and we are setting it up before we leave. It's supposed to be easy so maybe I'll get it done before he wakes up! Have a great day everyone!!!

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