Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everything's Better with Laughing Gas

I just returned home from the dentist. I needed an old filling replaced. Ed asked if I wanted laughing gas. I had it as a child at the dentist, but not as an adult. A trip to the dentist doesn't really bother me. "No, I have to make dinner for the boys..." I protested. "Ah come on," he said. "It's a free high and it takes the anxiety away".  So I conceded. Best dental procedure EVER!!! Filling replaced and now I'm feeling g-o-o-o-o-d!!! So glad I finished my paying job before going to the dentist! Maybe I'll read a book or watch a movie the rest of the afternoon, because I don't think I will be much good for sewing. Mouth is still numb so I'm sucking down a smoothy because I'm starving. Ed was talking about gardening, which led to talk about pesto, which led to talk about the best food we ever had. I had to ask for a topic change because my tummy was growling, so they told me about the x-rated squirrel show that occurred outside the window...great!!! No gardening for awhile yet. Some areas around here got snow this morning. We did not, but they are predicting snow to the valley floor by the weekend...Yee Haw!!! Glad I still have my snow tires on! Well, guess I'll go veg out for awhile and let this goofy floating feeling fade away. More later...


Julia said...

I'm allergic to the gas! I hate going to the dentist !!!

Donna said...

Mary..You are just a HOOT! How funny! Well..why not have a laugh if he doesn't charge extra. Ha!

Oh my..x-rated squirrels. I just was not expecting all of this comedy on your post today. :o)

Thanks for the chuckle!


PS. Love your new blog look!

Summerset said...

LOL - you are too funny! At least you had a good time. Last time I had the stuff, we had a minor incident at the oral surgeon's that would have gotten me admitted to the hospital had my dad not taken his girlfriend to the mall during my appointment. This was in the pre-cell phones days, of course. ;)