Sunday, February 6, 2011

Froggy goes a Courting...

Sara asked for a lovie blanket for Colt and this is one of the things I came up with (I apologize for the was stowed in my bag to finish on my lunch break!) I started with a frog applique design I had in my library.
On the other side I personalized the blanket so there would be no doubt who's blankie this belongs to.

I got out my Espire book and learned a new technique. I have done some free motion quilting before, but my machine has this cool little clear round foot for doing echo quilting around a shape. I did 1/2 inch channels around the froggy, and as I worked my way out, the quilting took on the shape of a lily pad! That was pretty fortuitous, so I trimmed it to that shape and finished the edge with a strip of the same fleece I did the applique in.  I loved the frog applique so much, I took the larger size applique and stitched it on to some green dimple minky. I sewed a back on it with the same minky and made Colt a little stuffy frog to play with.
 It was a fun project and I hope our little man enjoys his new lovie! I also completed my bid design samples for the Oregon Department of Transportation...that will be a good job if I get it!
Tomorrow is a day off from work and I think I will be able to sew for me a bit! We'll see...I'm getting kind of antsy to start planning the garden and the greenhouse is in sore need of a good cleaning before I start planting. Hurry up Spring!!!


gwensews said...

Oh, you grandmothers are all alike, always finding something to do/make/spoil your little ones! Ha! I should talk. My grandsons have me wrapped around their fingers. Whatever they want, they get!

Sewfast said...

Don't you know it Gwen!!! Being a grandma is the best!!! :)

gMarie said...

That is an adorable little blankie. I love it. And the little stuffy.

I would love to have a greenhouse. I'm not much of a 'work in the earth' girl, but I'm determined to grow more food this year - if it kills me - and it might. really! g

Sara said...

I love the lovie! He's our little frog! :)