Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nothing New to Show

Today was a double shift day, so no new projects to share. I will share my thoughts though.  This morning as I was heading out to relieving, Holly said "Heading out to watch dogs poop?" I never quite imagined that as one of my future duties while in nursing school, but surprise, surprise! That's one of the things I do. Actually I do not go outside with the purpose of "watching the dogs poop", even though they are out there doing it. Rather it is a good time to check in with people to see how their night was and assess if they have any health needs that need addressing before we head out for our day. Nursing has been such a rewarding career! I never realized when setting my sights to become an RN that it would take me in so many cool directions.  I always thought I wanted to be an L&D nurse, but a clinical instructor had different ideas for me. "Oh no labor & delivery for you" she said "you're going into cardiac care!" And so I did. I really enjoyed working in the hospital and also worked part-time in the clinic across the street, doing treadmill stress tests and endoscopies, among other things.  I filled in at the pediatrics clinic and also worked in allergy (because the other nurses thought the allergy doc was hard to work with...I got along with him just fine!) I did some cross training in the radiology center, but that was really slow and not really my cup of tea.  Then I went to prison.  As an employee...not an inmate!!! The first facility was a bootcamp program and I got to do PT (physical training) every day! It was a blast most of the time and I learned so much about assessment working in that venue. I became much more confident as a nurse and a person. Funny, one of my coworkers thought I was "too nice to work with prisoners". HA! Showed him! Now I have probably the funnest nursing jobs on the planet, working with visually impaired individuals learning to work with their new dog guide. And yes, I see alot of dog poop! I also see alot of growth and independence and it is beautiful. So glad I get to play a small part in that.  Regularly scheduled sewing should resume on Thursday. Tomorrow is our annual date to go to the Sportsmen's Show at the Expo center. Can't wait!!!


Ivalyn "Tee" Jones-Actie said...

My sister is a nurse who too has worked in prison and found it rewarding. My youngest daughter is a CNA currently in school to become an RN! We have lots of nurses in our family...thanks for all you do!

Jane M said...

What a wonderful career journey. Thanks for sharing all those trns along the way...and what an interesting current assignment.