Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bad Blogger

Sorry...didn't mean to be away so long. I have been busy and a little preoccupied. I try not to blog when I'm in a fog...ah shit, now I'm rhyming. That was totally unintentional, but I kind of like it (insert silly chuckle here). Now that I've made myself laugh for the day, let's chronicle the cool things in my life! This past weekend I was honored to meet the lovely G Marie and her husband JB  After a little directional snafu we connected over breakfast (I totally take responsibility for my um, navigational challenges...) The boys headed off to bond over guns and roadsters. Although we both had cameras in our purses, neither one of us took any pictures...whoops! Gaylen had visited a few yarn shops the night before. As many of you know, she is an incredible knitter, and it was inspiring to watch her with the sticks. It inspired me to improve my knitting skills, because sock knitting can be such a portable project and if I start now maybe I can make enough socks for Christmas gifts. How special would that be? I bought a paw print sock pattern off Ravelry about a year or so ago that benefited another Guide Dog School with the intention of making socks for my work friends.  Time to revisit that me thinks...anyway, I digress. We made a day of fabric shopping, starting with The Mill End store. All I bought there were buttons for the tops I am making for the dorm staff at work. I didn't find any other fabric for that project yet, but I did make up one, that is destined to be Lily's. I need to purchase another pattern. That's what I get for not measuring the girls bad! Next up was the Pendleton store. This actually was my first trip there, and although they were having an incredible sale, I exercised restraint. Gaylen picked up some gorgeous wools for sheath dresses, but knowing I have lots of fabric in the closet that has been waiting to be made up, I passed. I did notice they carry Burda magazines there as well, so if I get the urge to pick it up again (I am letting my subscription go this year) I can get it there. Next up was Fabric Depot.  Even though it was a sale day it wasn't too bad. I actually did buy some brown Ponte de Roma to make another pair of leggings, and then promptly forgot about it. When we were sharing our adventures with the boys later, I was like "No, I didn't buy any fabric..." Doh! We also both got the Monique Dress pattern from Sew Serendipity. I wandered round and round Fabric Depot searching for the perfect big-ass flower print for this dress. There is something fun about picking out a pattern and then finding the perfect fabric you invision in your mind. Well, that didn't happen, but I figured there was something in my stash that would fit the bill. I have several options and I am hoping this will become a TNT summer dress pattern...more on that later.  I also purchased staples like interfacing and tracing paper. I like the thicker tracing paper for patterns that I intend to use more than once. I stayed well under my allotted budget for the day, so that was a good thing. Still waiting for the verdict from the tax accountant, so mindful spending is the order of the day. That's about it for the recent high points in my life. Today is a day off and I think I may spend it, what else? Sewing! Hope you are having a nice day wherever you are!


Marjie said...

I'd have enjoyed guns and roadsters, but I'd have enjoyed the fabric too. GMarie got some nice stuff. I've seen her mention you before, but never had the chance to visit, so, nice to meet you!

gMarie said...

I had a lovely time. I'm hoping to sew up the white denim this weekend.

Can't wait to see your sundress. g