Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Me Made March Day 1

Me Made March Day 1 was a rather slapdash outfit. We were hit with a freak (ing!) snow storm yesterday and odds were that I would end up spending the night at work. I hastily packed my overnight bag before braving the storm to get to work. I had to. My boss had told me earlier in the day "You better get your ass here at 1:00!" Full disclosure...she was only kidding! So I braved the winter blast and headed in to work early. I took the more traveled route on the advice of my Fireman hubby, only to be turned around halfway up highway 211 as there were all kinds of vehicles in the ditch (I think I could have made it!) Anywho, I turned around and called my boss to give her the good news.  She was much more understanding, but the conditions were so weird...nothing in some areas and then packed snow a mile down the road...that I said D@!# it! I am going to make it in to work today. So armed with some updated information from my hunny and the deputy who was in the firehouse, I set out again. I ended up taking my usual route that is up a big hill and it was fine. So my boss was happy to see me and I ended up spending the night so the oncoming nurse wouldn't have to make a treacherous drive in should the conditions continue to deteriorate. Luckily they did not and I was relieved at 8:00 am to go home! So this is what I wore for day one of Me Made March:
The Me Made item is one of my favorite Jalie cardigans. I have made this pattern a few times and have plans to make more (maybe today) I have a wonderful white knit from Fabric.com that will make a nice spring weight cardigan (when Spring ever gets here) I have the rest of the day off and plan to cook, clean, sew and basically do whatever I want! Full disclosure: I am wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt now for comfort, but nobody wants to see that!

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Irene said...

They say, that if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. Hope that is the case in your neck of the woods! ...and you still managed to pull off the first day of Me-Made March. You're amazing.