Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MMM Day 9

Busy day today. I said goodbye and good luck to my opthalmologist today at my check up. My visual acuity has changed a little requiring a new prescription, but the great news is that my astigmatism is gone! When the tech was checking my acuity and pressure, she mentioned that the astigmatism was gone, but I thought I misunderstood her because she speaks with a bit of an accent. When Dr. Plumb came in he rechecked it and confirmed that it was gone! Usually astigmatism will worsen with age, but then I never do anything the usual way! Back to MMM...this is a plaid button down shirt made with a green stretch cotton. Tomorrow I am heading to the coast for a seminar. I hope I make it down there before the storm they're predicting blows in. I have a lunch date with a long time girlfriend (I used to live down at the beach!) and then a meet up later with another buddy who used to babysit Sara. Hopefully I will also get to see one of Sara's good friends from school (my friend is her MIL) Time to get off the computer and get to bed...more tomorrow from the beach!!!


The Slapdash Sewist said...

Jealous of your trip to the beach!

What a miracle on your astigmatism--mine definitely keeps getting worse. :(

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