Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simply Irresistible

Title has nothing to do with post...sorry! Listened to Robert Palmer on the way to work today. That makes me happy! It's been a busy time since I last posted. I have some pictures for you on my camera, which is currently charging for our return to LaPine. The shop is mid construction and we have been trying to leave Gordon alone and let him work his magic. The trusses were scheduled to go up yesterday and we are heading East to work on the property this afternoon. We also have a day (or two) trip to Diamond Lake to hook up with my Father-in-Law et al for some fun and fishing. Since that trip was loosely planned, I suggested we head to Diamond Lake first, as Gordon is staying in our trailer through Friday while he works on the shop. We are going to tent it, which Tom is not too wild about, but I don't mind. I kind of like sleeping in a tent on an air mattress once in awhile...weird, I know! Tom was all in for that, but at the last minute decided he's rather go see his shop first. Guess I can't blame him...if it were my sewing studio I'd be in a rush to see it too! Personal sewing has been sidelined for paying jobs, gardening and work. I was sick for a couple days, which is a rarity. I hate being sick! While we are on a break from students, I have been really busy teaching CPR and First Aid to staff and volunteers. I like teaching and I like the new Training Center I'm associated with. The garden is finally starting to yield. I pulled the plastic off last week and did a thorough weeding. We have ate spinach, made salad with ingredients totally from the garden except for the tomatoes. We need some serious sun to bring on the tomatoes. Juneuary is pretty much a bust for the sunshine, so hopefully July will come on with some rays to tease my tomatoes into production. I have a picking of bright light chard and the radishes are abundant. I will need to plant the second generation soon! The onions are insane and I have a few volunteer potatoes in that bed. Whoops! must of missed a few last fall when I was harvesting! Anyway, lots to do before we head back over the mountain...catch you on the flip side!

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