Monday, September 5, 2011

Pictures for my Peeps...

Taking a lunch break and reading blogs, I noticed that some folks requested some pictures, so without they are! First up are the two Vogue 1250s I finished last night: Houndstooth:

The beginning of a bag...the design is one I put on a sweatshirt for Sioux and I thought I needed something with that design too. I didn't want to be too matchy-matchy (although I do have a Tiger hoody just like hers because I stitched a sample of the design before doing it on her sweatshirt) I haven't started searching for lining yet...distracted :)
Lastly is a pic of today's thrifty find...a new lamp! We only have one lamp in that part of the family room...over Tom's chair. He prefers to watch television in a darker room...I prefer to do needlework or read while he's watching television. Now I have my own lamp that I can target on me...5 bucks!

And I got to see my friend Linda at the thrift store...she has been on hiatus for the summer babysitting her grandson, but her daughter had the day off so she came to work at the thriftstore today...was great to see her! I also picked up a new skirt with the tags still attached and some things for Tom...speaking of he is all wet at the MDA fundraiser:

Good times!


KID, MD said...

They both look awesome! Thanks for posting pics!

gMarie said...

Oh Mary! They are fabulous. I have fabric pulled to make 2 more versions. I never thought to belt it! Love the houndstooth! Just love it.

Today I made a KS dress - went from va-va-voom to end of summer sweet. g

Julia said...

You look too dang good!!!

toy said...

I love those two dresses, that is such a great pattern