Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!!!

Good morning all! Enjoying a banana/blackberry smoothie for breakfast after the exhausting chore of cleaning the bathroom. Well, okay, it's not really exhausting, but for some reason bathroom cleaning is the job I despise the most, and not because it's all that difficult and I work around bodily fluids and functions, so it's not that. I hate hair in the the bathroom...ugh!!! Enough about my freaky quirks...on to the day. Tom is on day 2 of the 48 and he informed me last night they are having a dunk tank fundraiser today. Would I go take pictures? Of the boys getting dunked? Hell, yeah! Sounds like a good time to me! And the rest of my time can be spent sewing! I finished the two V1250 dresses last night. Amazing how changing the fabric can alter the look and feel of a garment. The glitzy party dress looks rich and slinky. The houndstooth version accessorized with a black belt feels very sexy secretary to me and with a red jacket will be perfect to wear to work. (not that I am a sexy secretary at work, maybe well dressed professional would sound better!) Anyway, next up is another sun dress before the sun leaves us for the winter, a lace twist top and some simple brown leggings. I have a great brown and cream print charmeuse that is screaming to be a tunic, but I need to figure out what pattern to use. I also started a new bag for my knitting/crocheting projects. I embroidered a beautiful 4 seasons tree design from embroidery library onto a beautiful burgundy colored quilted fabric. I have some nice round purse to shope the stash for a nice lining.  Decisions, Decisions...Better get off the computer and get this party started! Be safe out there this holiday weekend!


gMarie said...

Oh - I want to see that houndstooth version - hanger photo??? I finished 2 versions yesterday and I'm thinking if I get the dress I cut last night sewn then I'll be making another this afternoon. Wow! It's an amazing dress - isn't it?


Unknown said...

I want to see the purse! I love making purses.

KID, MD said...

I second the vote for a shot of the houndstooth 1250! As soon as I read that I started imagining my own.