Thursday, September 8, 2011


I love mornings. Especially when I have some time before I need to report to work. When Sara was a child, I always worked day shift at the hospital, because that worked out better for daycare and all her activities. I never really considered swing shift an option...just a nuisance if I got called in to pull a shift. I really love having my best energy for doing my things (not that I am not 100% for work folks...don't read into that comment) I am generally more creative and make less mistakes in my projects when I am fresh. Yesterday I finished a much needed ironing board cover. When perusing the stash for a lining for the knitting bag I found a remnant of silver heat resistant fabric that I had squirreled away for this day. It was just enough to complete the's that for lucky? I have a few things cut out and waiting for sewing (always). I am inspired by all the new Fall things I am seeing and was really inspired when I dug through my fabric. I have a skirt refashion in the works and also found the perfect fit RTW skirt the other day...I am definitely going to glean a basic pattern off of it because it fits this curvy girl to a T! I went out and picked some blackberries this morning while it was cool for another cobbler and smoothies and will do a massive pick on my day off so I can bank some of that berry deliciousness in the freezer. The studio beckons...later Kittens...Meow!

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