Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shopping the Stash

Tom asked me about bringing over an old steamer trunk from the shop that he had refurbished for Sara as a hope chest back in the day. She never really was into it, but I said "Yes, please!" The trunk is lined in cedar and smells wonderful. Guess what I used it for? Fabric storage of course! Much of my fabric has been stored in bins in the garage since my sewing studio is still in the planning stages. I was able to bring in a ton this past weekend, and it was like visiting old friends! I have plans for Spring and Summer dresses, skirts and of course more long sleeve tees for under my scrubs! I have 2 dressers in the guest room that are also getting filled with fabric (sorry...if you come to visit there will be no room in the dressers for your stuff...LOL!) during the week it is difficult to get much sewing in, but's on! Except if we get some snow to go snowmobiling! It has been so unseasonably warm here, it's ridiculous! Almost 60 during the day! It was 14 this morning when I took the dogs out. Jo got me up before 5:00...guess I can do some quiet sewing activities in the morning if this becomes a habit! Well better stop drinking coffee and head to the shower to get ready for work. Happy Hump day!

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