Saturday, January 11, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Sewing has been done! I finished a wearable muslin of McCalls 6844 cardi last weekend. Great pattern and see many more in my future. A nice cardi over my scrubs is required this time of year! I also finished 6 Jalie long sleeve Tees to wear under my's cold in the high desert this time of year! We finally got some more snow this afternoon and took the boys for a long walk after the Seahawks clinched the game. Now just hanging out, watching the Patriot/Colt game and someone is playing Candy Crush (and someone timed out). I consider that my reminder that I need to get up and do something else! I am getting ready to start a new dress for the Union banquet where Tom will get his retirement axe. I really need more dresses! What a dilemma! Thank you all for your kind thoughts regarding Kodi. It still hurts, but he gave me so much...he will always be in my heart!

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Unknown said...

Yay for the Union banquet! What an honor, and a fantastic reason to make yourself a pretty dress. Please congratulate Tom on behalf of this fire wife and her IAFF fire husband.