Monday, July 25, 2011


Meet Disney. He is newly retired from his career as a guide dog. His partner went on vacation and Disney gets to spend a few days with Auntie Mary until Auntie Nancy gets back from her follow up trip. Disney is a sweet ol' boy...about the same age as my Kodi Bear. I know the two ol' boys will hit it off when Kodi comes home on Wednesday. Sewing...not much. sent a notice they would replace the bad cut of fabric. Email today...fabric all fabric. Asked for a refund...wash my hands of for good. Busy weekend at the homestead...I got 2 coats of paint on the pumphouse and the facia boards trimmed out so Tom can put the roofing on. Finished calking the bat boards on all but one side of the shop (Tom to finish the bats tomorrow) and he called to report he finished screwing down all of the roofing on the shop tonight! Yee Haw!!! Progress has been slow, but sure...better go rest up...time to start cooking for the Jamboree this weekend...good music, good food and good friends!

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gMarie said...

My last order from I ordered 6 yards of white stretch knit for lining. Threw in a bunch of other knits to fill a box - only thing that didn't show up? The knit lining.

Disney is a beautiful boy. Congrats on a sucessful career. What happens now? He gets to be a dog? g