Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Disney Quote of the Day...

From the top of the stairs..."I'll just wait up here for you". I tend to go up and down the stairs a lot during the day, so it's alot of work for a velcro type of dog! We are working a double shift today, so Disney is getting lots of love from the staff. Jo is just a little put out that he is not the center of the universe right now, but that is good for him.

I also have a question for you dear Readers...I am considering purchasing an E-reader and strongly leaning towards a Kindle. Do any of you use the Kindle and what are your thoughts? The ad supported Kindle is tempting with it's price break and the promise of great deals, but Amazon already sends me oodles of offers through my 50 bucks worth being bombarded with advertising?


The Slapdash Sewist said...

I don't have an e-reader, so I'm not really that useful. But the Kindle is not compatible with the public library Overdrive lending format (almost all US public libraries use that software/format). From what I understand the Nook is. There are rumors Kindle is working on compatibility. That's one of the reasons I don't have one yet. I get all my paper books from the library and would want to do the same with e-books. I read too much to pay for books!

Donna said...

Wow--didn't know that Kindle isn't compatible with the library. I would want to use the kindle for that too. Great topic.

I've always wanted a Kindle and am curious what your readers think.

Thanks for the comment the other day Mary. I'm out of the slump THIS week. :O)

Donna @ Comin' Home

kathy said...

What? not compatible with the library?
Since I do have awesome access to the libraries in Clackamas County (oregon) I've already decided I don't need this toy (although they do come with wifi).
I'm headed for a smart phone of 8gb instead.