Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kodi Report

Two days on the Rimadyl and he is showing remarkable improvement! Kodi is less stiff when getting up and is bounding up and down the stairs again! He goes back for labs the Monday before we head to London and if all systems are go we will switch him over to the less expensive generic form. Rimadyl lets the vet give a 2 week sample pack. Even the generic is not cheap, but it's worth it if it makes him more comfortable. I have been looking at some of the online pet med sites and it is less expensive that route. Does anyone have any experience with these sites and any recommendations?
In sewing news...I started on the Pippa dress! After a dry spell of just mundane sewing I couldn't stand it anymore and spent a couple hours in the studio yesterday before work. I did some embroidery and button embellishment on some thrifted capris, and while the embroidery machine hummed I sewed up the bodice and bodice lining darts. It looks pretty good draped on Valentine. Maybe I can finish it for this next graduation??? Lots to do in preparation for our trip, but perhaps finishing that will keep me from freaking out over all the little details!
I finished watching 3 seasons of Damages on Netflix and who knows how long it will be til they have season 4 available. I couldn't find full episodes online, so I may have to tough it out! Boo! I got addicted. So now the new show I am watching is Sister Wives. I don't think I would like to live that lifestyle, but it is interesting to watch. My favorite wife is Meri so far...I'm only a couple of episodes in.
Shoot! Tom did not take the trash down for pickup when he went to work...better go throw on some jeans and haul the bin down to the road...Later...


gMarie said...

I order Abby's generic Rim from Dr. Foster and Smith and they are very good. 2 months costs just a wee bit less than 1 month through the vet and significantly less than Rim. This month I had a brainfart and order the real thing! g

Maryissewfast said...

Thanks Gaylen...I will check them out!