Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Drive By

Wow! What a busy summer this has been! Friday we closed on the retirement home , aka T & M's Sportsmens Lodge (dubbed by Dad and Jim). The garden is producing like crazy, so lots of canning going on right now. Getting ready for the Jamboree next excited to see Rascal Flatts. They were on my concert bucket list! We are working on home improvements here and hey, the Olympics are on! It is so fun to watch them and recognize places we have visited. All this means no sewing has been going! I did finish a quickie knit dress a week or so ago, but there's not even anything cut out in the queue! I'll have to remedy that tonight during the Olympics! More later...

1 comment:

gMarie said...

Love the name of the retirement home. When do you get to move in?

Some year - we're going to crash Jambore and attend with you all. g