Sunday, January 20, 2013


As the song goes..."this is just a flyby..." I thought I would give a brief update as I am working on our  desktop. Just bought new antivirus software and it's really quite the joke that I am the IT specialist in our house (quit laughing Steve!) Things have been quite hectic here! We made a quick trip to the Deeter's Old Folks home to find it had sucked down a whole tank of propane! 27 degrees inside the house does not feel good! It has been super cold over there...negative degrees, so the house gets a pass this time, but we took measures to boost the insulation options and got ourselves on a keep full situation, so that should not happen again!
The best news ever is that our kids will be back in country in a few short weeks! Yay! Can't wait! I have jumped into super Grandma mode and have been getting things for Colt. They will not see their   household goods for 6 months, which is annoying enough for an adult, but a 2 year old needs his stuff! Gram picked up a Radio Flyer Retro Red tricycle yesterday...just like the ones we had as kids, only new and not rusty! It is different than his "motorcycle", so hopefully that will be fun for him! Of course I have my toy box for visiting kids, but I also have my Grandma box with things I have been collecting for Colt. Lots of books, puzzles, cars, trucks...the things little boys dig! Of course a trip to the Carter's outlet will be in order. I have been waiting to take Sara shopping so she can pick out what he needs. Squeal!!!
I also have been sewing too! Working on an extra special project that I can't reveal just yet, but I promise there will be pictures and lots of gushing when it's done! I am almost finished with my Sewaholic Cordova jacket and it is fabulous! I see a few more of those in different fabrics as well. Did you notice how many of Tasia's patterns were nominated for best patterns of 2013 on Pattern Review? I've said it before...I'm a Sewaholic fan! I also bought some Simplicity patterns at the 5 for $5.00 sale the other day. Simplicity 1699...cute new peplum top...just sayin...I also am in love with Leanne Marshall designs!  Did you get the notice from BMV for the $2.99 sale? Including Vogues? I have so many great patterns but so tempting! We'll see. Tom tells me now is the time to buy because in retirement spending money may be more tightly monitored. Sigh! I know my stash will carry me through! I did resist buying more sock yarn while at JoAnns. I have a beautiful pattern on the needles and try to knit whenever I have a spare minute. That includes stitching to and from Portland in the van ( God help me if they ask me to drive...whenever will I knit?) One of the instructors is teaching the others to crochet. It's awesome to see..a crafting revolution!
Well, I better get in gear and do some cleaning or something while the desktop finishes it's thing. It's a work day for me. Tomorrow is my Friday, which is a good thing because it's a holiday (yay for time and a half!) and it's dog day, so everyone should be Happy, Happy, Happy! Hope you all are enjoying your Martin Luther King holiday weekend...see you again soon...with pictures!

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The Slapdash Sewist said...

How exciting that they're moving back! I know you are going to be over the moon.