Monday, February 25, 2013

A Good far

A schedule change gave me an unexpected day off today. That double shift was totally worth it to be enjoying my third (or fourth) cup of coffee (but who's counting?) and telling you about my day so far. It began early (as always) with Kodi boofing downstairs telling me he needed to go out. So I rounded up the usual suspects and we all went out and did our business (I waited til I came in). Then I decided to upload a couple books to my Kindle Ipad app (Tom is now using the kindle-Kindle). I had not loaded any new books since the great crash of 2013, so it took a little techno fiddling to set that back up with Calibre, but I now have Silver Lining Playbook and Argo waiting to read! Reading has taken the lead as my leisure activity and I think I have finished 9 books already this year! Goodreads has been good to me...check out the giveaways. Publishers are happy to send you books to read. Reviewing them is not a prerequisite for the giveaways, but I feel if they are nice enough to send me a free book, I should tell you all what I think about it. The reviews have been pretty good, because I only enter giveaways for books I actually would pick up and read. After I'm done with the books I give them away, because it's good karma to share the love. I just finished Found: A Memoir by Jennifer Lauck. I really enjoyed it. Frind me at Goodreads and let's talk books!

Next came errands and a trip to my favorite thrift store. I knew it was a good day when I saw this beautiful little fold up sewing table outside where they keep the big things. I asked how much? They said $3.00 and I hauled it immediately to my vehicle! Inside I found 3 brand new 10-yard rolls of Swedish Tracing Paper. $2.00 a piece...yes please!!! I also found a beautiful silver tray for a buck to put my oil and vinegars on. Totally addicted to the Oil and Vinegar store in the mall. This way they are beautifully displayed and I can easily access them when I'm cooking. Also found some more toys for my little guy. Toys are expensive Peeps! We went shopping last week and I was kind of shocked at how much they ask for hunks of plastic! I will get these toys bleached and in Gramma's playroom for his next visit. Last week I found a little golf set that he had a blast with. The dogs seemed to enjoy fetching, um, stealing golf balls too. A good time was had by all!

The mail stop was good...some new shoes for work and a freebie book (Thank you Goodreads!) A stop at the market for some dinner stuff (and blood oranges...couldn't resist!) and a visit to the Bargain Depot for pita chips (best buy in town) and now it's time to get to work! Can you tell I'm stalling on the work part???

Anywho, since pictureless posts are boring, here's Colt and Pop on the Fire truck. I think he is telling me to get off the running board and get in the "garbage truck" (aka, the brush rig). He also tried on Pop's turnouts, but he has a ways to grow before he fills those boots!

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The Slapdash Sewist said...

Whew, your "day off" is leaving me exhausted! Sounds like you got some great find.

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