Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello, it's Me...

I've thought about us for a long, long time...okay, those of you old enough are singing that song now. You're welcome! It's been so long since I've checked in that I feel like a stranger in my own blog! So much has been going on, it seems a luxury to pause for a moment to reflect.

Sewing? Not so much. I did shorten a couple of pairs of fleece pants for Tom the other night. That felt good! I have some things cut out and ready to go, but time and energy to sit down at the machine? No! I found myself jittery last week and drooling in response to a FabricMart email. I had to pull the trigger and place an order! Fabric should be here by the end of the week. A Maggy London  border print started the madness and then since no piece of fabric should travel alone...well, you know how that goes..

Grandma time...a little slice of heaven! That little boy melts my heart..when he smiles it gets me every time.  It's hard not to spoil the dickens out of him!

The retirement house is coming along beautifully. Tom put the new sink in the kitchen and took over the table and chairs for the dining nook. He had an idea to redo the carpet with camo...pretty wild, huh?

Well, I best get back to business. I'll try not to stay away too's a picture of our little man out enjoying a rainy Oregon day.

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gMarie said...

So good to see you! Hope life settles down and you can sew and get to this space more often, but I understand if you can't.

Are you watching Army Wives again yet? I have *GOT* to talk to somebody about the last couple of seasons. Honestly - I love the show, but I think I'm about done with it.

I need to take a trip to see you - I need better fabrics, wools, linens and such and I have to start making grown up clothes. drop and email and I'll catch you up :) g