Monday, April 4, 2016

Time to Vote!

I'm not talking politics here...we've all had enough of that lately, right? The Fabricmart Pinterest Bundle competition voting is up here Go take a look at the creativity and please vote!

The sewing continues here. I partook of the Hancocks liquidation sale and picked up a bunch of patterns at 6 for $7.50 and the fleece was marked down to 75%. I picked up a beautiful pink camo. I also purchased the Tilton sisters Craftsy class the Artful Tee Shirt and am playing around with different designs.

In other activities, we went for a fabulous snowmobile ride on Saturday and cleaned the garage out on Sunday. The weather is warming up and the greenhouse is primed for growing. Bring on Spring!


gMarie said...

sounds like a fabulous weekend. I need to be creative more and do less sitting - but at least I'm knitting when I'm sitting. Does that count? And my cooking has gotten very creative lately - most of the time JB would say - in a good way. g

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing on you! Perfect sewing patterns.

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