Friday, April 16, 2021

 Hello my Sewing Friends! I've missed you! I didn't mean to stay away so long, but happens! I wanted to let you know that I am starting a new vlog over on YouTube called...wait for it...Mary is Sewfast! I original, but it will make a great tie in with the blog. 

What I've been up to...I just finished quilting my Quiltville Grassy Creek mystery quilt and have it on the bed. I wasn't sure I liked it when I finished piecing it, but now that it is done and on the bed...I love it. The blue gray background colors are pulled out with the blue walls and makes the blocks pop. Sometimes you have to see a project through to the end to see how it will turn out. Quiltville Grassy Creek mystery quilt here.

Next up, I have some Sew House Seven Burnside bibs cut out in a beautiful green twill, and I have plans for some burgundy Jean's (still considering which pattern to use. I need to make some new sports bras as well, so I will be whipping some of these up.

Thank you for checking back in with me. I hope to return to a more active blog presence and learn how to make interesting sewing content on my new YouTube channel. Catch you soon.



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