Monday, February 18, 2008


I thought it would be a great ides to grab a few free minutes to blog, but to my dismay, my mind went blank. Must be old age. I was thinking of something really profound this afternoon to blog about and it escapes me now. Oh well. A cool thing did happen to me today...totally unsewing related. I was purchasing some cigarettes for one of our students and the gentleman behind the counter carded me! Can you believe it? A year shy of a half century and this whippersnapper wants to see my ID. All I can say is "GOD bless America!" It sure made my day...obviously he is visually impaired, or just really polite! On tap for tomorrow...clean out the greenhouse and the sewing studio...then make way for sewing! I would like to get some quality time on my green coat since Spring teased us with a little preview. Would be great to have it done for March. Also have some other projects just waiting to be stitched...Maybe Wednesday???

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