Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Why am I so driven sometimes? Got Jay's (of Tiffy and Jay) ski jacket in for a zipper replacement an the zipper came out no problem...the problem lies in finding a replacement zipper. The offending zipper is 32" long...stock 2 way parka zippers come in 30" or 36"...looks like I will have to special order one in...grrrr...I wanted to get it done...go slow to go fast Mary!!! My trip to the fabric store was not a complete bust though...my embroidery scissors have sported a broken tip for quite some time now and needed replaced, however, being the cheapskate that I am, new scissors would wait for a sale...preferably 50% off. Imagine my surprise when I found some gold plated Ginghers in a bin at JoAnn's for $6.97!!!! I bought both pairs as that is a phenomonal price and the extra pair would make a great gift if I don't decide to keep them all to myself. They also had a dress form on clearance for $99.00, which I almost bought, but found it to be rather flimsy. There is one on Craigslist that looks better...I called about it, but the girl couldn't tell me too much about it as she was not home at the time...it would need a stand and from our conversation I learned that she would like to get more than $40.00 for it...I don't know...it would be nice, but can I really justify the expense...there I go being a cheapskate again!!! I'll talk to Tom about it...he'll know what to do!!!

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