Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shut up and Sew...

That's what I should be doing. Instead of cleaning house, searching ebay for vintage patterns (I made another score yesterday...57 patterns for 7.99...ahhhhhhhh!!!!), working, shopping or any other activity that takes me out of the studio. I did manage to work on my quilt blocks for the swap the other night, but silly me, I ran the rotary cutter across my left hand in the process (no more rotary cutters after 9:00 PM) Good thing I'm medically trained. No fabric was harmed in the incident, so all's well, that ends well...who needs fingers anyway??? My darling husband bought me exactly what I wanted for Valentine's day...a red dress form! He got a new anchor and anchor pulling system...we are such romantics. I finished the parka and plan to do a little me sewing before getting back to paying jobs. I have some hydrant bag modificatons to do for the fire department and a harness/poop bag for Kim. I also found the perfect denim to make a replacement for her favorite jumper and the exact pattern came in my last load of vintage patterns. Her birthday is coming up in April. I also purchased some of that clear elastic to try on some of my stretchy knits...I am excited to try that. Tom is on a double, so I should be able to get some sew time in this weekend. I will report back later.

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