Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday

It's Superbowl Sunday...go Patriots!!! I really don't care...I just think Tom Brady is cute, so there you have it. I pick my favorite teams based on cuteness. But enough about sports...lets talk about something really important like sewing. embroidery and quilting! Good news on the business front. Michael came in and paid his bill with a smile and ordered 20 more hats (18 Portland Fire and 2 Estacada Fire) I suspect he has marked them up to turn a quick profit himself, which is great...that's what business is all about. I am making a fair share on them. Getting paid before Valentines Day helps immensely in my diabolical plot, but I dare not post more in case a spy should read my blog...more on that later. I finished the vintage top and I am pleased with it. I may make the dress version at a later date and I count on you, dear blog, to remind me to lower the sash to accomodate the girls! I started on the green coat last night and it looks like it will be a rather simple project. I need to decide on buttons...I may get some big snaps to use under the buttons, not because I am afraid of button holes, but the Vera Wang stuff I checked out at Kohl's all were done that way and it seems to be a trend. (As Mother would say..."If everyone else was jumping off a cliff, would you do it too?") I definitely will use snaps for the lower part as the pattern instructions show so it will stay closed. Sounds like a spy may be coming up the driveway...gotta go!!!

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