Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Heading into Portland this morning for Jo's appointment with the doggy dentist. I am not interested in Jo having a perfect grill...I just want him to have good oral health and better doggy breath would be an added bonus, since he is my constant companion. He got a bath last night. Generally he gets one bath a month. We call it his "pre-class bath" as I always bathe him the Sunday before the new students arrive at work. Since the current class graduates on Saturday, this will suffice as his pre-class bath. He is so funny after a bath. He does scooty circles on his head, presumably to get any water out of his ears. The interesting thing is, if I do a "booty cleaning" should anything foul stick to his bushy pants during relieving...he does the same routine, even though no water has come anywhere close to his ears. Dogs...gotta love em!!!

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