Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Music Monday...Big Dog Daddy!

This music Monday is devoted to county music, specifically to Toby Keith and Montgomery Gentry because I am going to see them in July!!! YAY!!! Tom scored good seats at the Clark County amphitheater and I am so excited! I have seen Montgomery Gentry before in the Rose Garden and I know they are good, but Toby Keith is one of the artists that the planets had never aligned quite right for me to see him perform. I like his style...he has something to say and says it...no apologies. And he's kinda hot in a macho sort of way. Montgomery Gentry are like minded...Bad boy country rockers...I love them too. Now I just need to figure out what attire to make for the concert.
I haven't put in my "30 minutes of sewing" yet, but intend to work on quilt blocks before I go to bed tonight. Tomorrow is a baby day, so it will be just hangin' with Hayden. It rained this morning, so I pushed to get the beets and radishes planted before the rain really came down. Now the lower garden planting is complete! My next gardening project is cleaning up the strawberries and the beds up top by the greenhouse. I bought some horseradish roots today to plant, so they will go up there between the strawberries and the sage. The other bed has just enough room for some crookneck squash and a hill of pumpkins. I like to grow them for the kids and I like a fresh pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I think I will have to quit then because I will be out of dirt! Then comes maintenance...weeding. That's okay...plug into the ipod and it's Music Monday everyday!!!

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