Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gotta Sew before I'm Nekkid!!!

My wardrobe is sad! It seems like things are wearing out and I am not keeping up with replacement sewing. I was feeling discouraged about my goal to sew all my clothing and considering breaking the moratorium by going clothes shopping. Thursday I wore my wearable muslin retro hippychick top as it was a "working day off"...embroidering the hats and dealing with the waterbed heater issue. The clerk at the waterbed store asked me where I got my top and complimented me...that led to a great conversation about sewing, "What Not to Wear" and if empire is pronounced "empire" or "Om-peer" as we both heard Stacy describe the empire waist detail. She showed me some bags she makes out of the fabric samples they get at the store and her sewing machine in the back room. Great to meet a Sister!!! Later a young gal at the deli counter at Fred Meyers gave me a compliment on my top as well, which was a sign to me that shopping is out...sewing is in! Now to work it into my schedule before I'm Nekkid!!!

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