Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day and a Give-Away!!!

In honor of Mother's Day (and just for the fun of it) I am posting Vintage McCall's 8247 as a give away pattern. All you have to do to be in the running for this pattern is leave a post and I will do a random drawing from all posts on Wednesday. McCall's 8247 is circa 1966 (I was just a mere child then...LOL) and comes in a size 10. It is described as "Misses' Coordinates: Jacket or Vest, Dress or Blouse, Pants or Shorts and Skirt". The dress and blouse feature french darts and the vest or jacket have and applied band with double buttoned front closing. The envelope is a little beat up (hey, it's over 40 years old...I look a little beat up too!), but the pattern pieces and instructions appear to be in good shape. I love the hairstyles on this envelope...chic bobs. Isn't it great how fashion just circles back around? I wish I had kept some of my old clothes...but then again, they probably wouldn't fit anymore. I hope everyone is having a great Mother's day. Tom brought me a beautiful hanging basket of flowers that I have out with my hummingbird feeders to give them some natural food too. We celebrated last night with sushi. My daughter made me some beautiful earrings with black beads and tiger's eye as she knew my wardrobe neutrals are tending towards brown this season (listen to me...this about this decade???) And is it okay to wear black and brown together??? YES... according to Clinton and Stacy of TLC's What Not to Wear they are both neutrals. Sara is my fashion hero...she always dresses so fashion forward, but in a classic kind of way. Last night she wore gorgeous pair of jeans with interesting trim at the pockets, a black sweater and black wedge heels and a great beaded necklace I bought her in Berkley last year for her birthday (I always forget that I bought it and compliment her every time she wears it...guess the alzheimer's is setting in). My MIL is my hero too. She knows how much I like to sew. My husband went down for a visit on his days off and was relating the story of the waterbed heater and why we couldn't sleep in the guest bedroom (the guest bed is my current pattern sorting table). My FIL perked up and said "we have 2 boxes of old patterns you can take to Mary!" Tom was skeptical, but Ma piped up and said "Yeah...take them to her...she'll want them" Love ya Ma!!!! I am such a pattern whore!!! Anyway, I did a quick sort and got them out of the old boxes they were stored in that were kind of musty. Some real treasures in there...vintage Vogue and some other patterns that I am unfamiliar with and need to do some research on. One came in a waxed paper envelope under the name of "Anne Adams Pattern". I have not found a date yet, but the dress looks like it may be from the 40's. I will do some research when I have some free time (I really should be doing something other than blogging right now, but you know how that goes) Well since I reminded myself that there is work to be done before I go to work, I shall sign off for now, but watch for more pattern give aways as I sort and organize all my treasures.


Karin said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Summerset said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Anne Adams was a mail order pattern company. Marion Martin is another one. I know that Anne Adams put out patterns from the 40's through 60's or so.

Here's a link to figuring out how old the pattern is if you have the envelope with the postage on it:

queenoftheclick said...

I would love to win the pattern. I like the clothes on the envelope. The patterns basically stay the same anyway :)