Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Dress

I am so happy to be wearing a new dress today. Last night it was too hot to be outside when I got home from work, so I decided it was high time to spend some quality time in my studio on ME! I had this gorgeous Maggy London dress cut out and ready to sew (Thank you Marji for the wonderful gift pattern). Do you think I could find the pattern envelope with the instructions? The studio sometimes gets a little messy when I have a lot of jobs going on and I must have spent over 2 hours looking for this pattern. It took less time to sew the dress when I actually located it. It was in my stack of BWOF magazines under the counter. I was uncertain of how the twist went together, and now that I've done it, I'm sure I can duplicate it...It was SEW easy!!! I really like the fit of this dress too. No zipper or other closures...I was concerned about how it would go on, but it slips on like a nice fitted T-shirt. I can see me making some more of these in the dress and top version. I think I am going to draft another back with a rounded neck to do some casual tops. The V in the back is perfectly fine and does not reveal anything it shouldn't, but I think a higher rounded neckline in the back will be more conservative for work. I work a white cardigan over the dress today to make it more professional...don't want the boss getting the call "Mary's dressing like a tramp when the board is here". I also finished my yoga pants and they are so comfy...those will be nice for winterwear around the house. I have been reading some blogs where people are committing to sewing activities 30 minutes a day. I know I get bogged down thinking that I must have bigger blocks of time to sew and the reality of the situation is that those big chunks of my time don't come very often. If I want to get some clothing done I need to just do what I can in whatever time I can eak out and hopefully I will see some progress. That's the plan today, so with that being said...I think I will go trace out BWOF 104...I have big plans!!!


Adrienne said...

Yay! I love this pattern! I think it was one of the very first things I ever made!

Bitterbetty said...

cute pattern... are we going to get to see that dress all finished and modeled?