Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to Life...Back to Reality

PR Weekend is over and I am officially back to my real life! Probably a good thing...I am exhausted! Yesterday was the fabric shopping extravaganza and I never thought I would EVER say this, but I was SO ready to be done by the end of the day. Fabric Depot was not that great (IMHO) yesterday, but maybe it's because I live here and can go anytime. I did pick up a couple of knits from the Outdoor Sale for $3.50/yd. and a couple of rust colored invisible zippers for a quarter a piece (they didn't have any other colors in the invisible zippers), so I guess that was pretty good. I also stocked up on stabilizer for my embroidery machine since it was on sale (business expense) and treated myself to a nice bamboo knit. I have been wanting to sew with some because it feels so yummy. I got enough to make a nice Tee. Someone told me it shrinks quite a bit, so I pre-shrunk my yardage, but it doesn't look like it shrank much. I'll have to put a tape to it to be sure. Downtown Portland I did not buy any fabric, but did buy a cool meat tenderizer at a vintage shop and had lunch with my daughter. After downtown it was destination Mill End store. The bus driver was not clear on how to get there, so we ended up in Sellwood. With the help of a GPS on someone's I-Phone we got back on track and got to the Mill End. At first I wandered around pretty uninspired. The bargain room did not have anything that jumped out at me...that's where I usually find cool things. They had 25% off on knits, which I love to sew with, so I found this awesome orange floral print with silver accents. I heart this fabric...BIG TIME! Their knits were scattered, so as I perused the bolts I found a buttery soft jersey knit that was the perfect complimentary color for a top! Now if I only had time to sew!!! I also picked up a bundle of bias binding in black (a baker's dozen the label said, so I'm assuming 13 yards) and some white cut ribbing strips that should make Tee's and cuffs for kiddy clothes super simple. The gal at the cutting counter was surprised. She didn't even know they had it! I could not work would not be a profitable job for me! Anyway back to life...Two double shifts back to back...I need to pay for my time off! I'll be back!!!

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gwensews said...

You are at least tired in a GOOD way! Sounds like you had a great little vacation! I spend a lot of time in hospitals--and have for years-with very sick loved ones. My hat is off to the nurses and aids who do what they do so well for long hours.