Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fishing Report

Nothing really to do with sewing, except I did think about sewing while I was fishing. That's probably why my line got tangled in the boat motor when I had a fish on, making the captain of the boat very cross with me! It was all good once we got the line out of the prop and having a fish too helped, I think. Sara was fishing like a mad fiend, which is funny since she despised our fishing trips as a teenager. She even had to land her own fish while we were dealing with my debacle!!! She caught the most fish, won the prize for the smallest fish (that had to be thrown back) and conquered her worm phobia! All in all it was a fun afternoon and I think we are going to do it again tomorrow!!! As for needle pulling thread type news, I did sew 2 knit tops on my day off. I had company most of the afternoon, but Tom was working that day so I didn't have to stop to cook dinner. One was a twist tunic top Butterick 4789 which I had made the dress version before and the other was a bias cut cowl neck sleeveless top (the pattern escapes me) that I cut out of the remnants from my last knit dress project. It turned out fabulous and I plan to adapt the pattern to have sleeves because it fit perfectly! Love it when that happens!!! On tap next is a caftan type bathrobe with a hood made from a vintage pattern I picked up at a local thrift store. More on that to come. The summer months are full of gardening, camping, fishing and fun. I hope I can fit some sewing in there too. What plans do you all have for summer?


Julia said...

We used to fish a lot. We may have to go again soon.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that luck didn't follow me yesterday! Oh well. :) BTW, love the new blog design!! Love you!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

My plans for summer--to relax and be warm. I have simple needs.