Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boat Seats Done!

Well at least the sewing part. I am waiting for the paint to dry before we can stretch the upholstery onto the frames. Tom has to work tomorrow and is heading out to an EMS conference Thursday morning, so we probably won't get it all put together until Sunday. That's okay though...it will give the paint time to properly cure. Tom painted the trailer today and fixed the trailer pieces that the boat sits on. All that will be left to do when Charlie gets it is slap the motor on and go fishing!!! Soon...real soon! This has been a fun project and I love to do different things that stretch my skills. I hadn't upholstered anything major in a long time. My next big challenge is the make your own pattern contest at Pattern Review...I entered it. Another push myself task. Tom, ever my cheerleader said "Oh, that should be easy for you...you've done that before." There always is a shroud of doubt that says "it could be a wadder!" I remember the first pattern I drafted. I made a smock top with some hot pink cotton my Mom had in her stash. It had a bib yoke and fluttery butterfly sleeves. Speaking of Mom...a shout out to all the Mothers this week...Happy Mother's day! Sara and I are going to get together sometime this week and do something since this Mother has to work on Sunday. Everyday is Mother's day anyway! :)


gwensews said...

It's good to reach for higher achievements. Keeps the mind sharp. I think you are awesome to tackle those seat covers. Have fun drafting your own pattern. I'll be watching on PR! And here as well.

Julia said...

You are so busy!!