Saturday, May 9, 2009

Holy Moly!

Wow, I haven't blogged for almost a week! I must be sick! Not sick...busy doing other things. I just came in from spending some quality time with my lawn mower. We have had a couple days without rain and the mounting yard work was getting overwhelming, so when I got home from work today I put the grubbys on and went for it! I figured I'd better rehydrate before I go back out for more...besides my hands are still vibrating from the mower motor. I would like to get my raspberries cleaned out and fertilized before the afternoon is through...then I can think about retreating to the sewing room. My hunny will be home in the morning, so that is exciting. I managed to finish "Breaking Dawn" while he was gone (700+ pages in under a week...must be a good book!) A friend told me that there are more books coming out in the Twilight series...she saw an interview with Stephenie Meyers on Rachael Ray, so it must be true (roll eyes-insert sarcastic evil laugh here) I hope so...I have enjoyed the series, but did anyone else get bored in the whole Volturi battle thing? I was like, enough already...get it over with! Thank goodness there was a reference list of characters in the back of the book...too many vampires to keep straight! But those are my only complaints! I have some lighter books to read next. Well, the hands have stopped shaking so I guess it's my cue to get on down to the raspberry patch. Have a Happy Mother's day tomorrow!


Julia said...

I've only read the first three Twilight books. Waiting for the fourth to come out in paperback.

Sewfast said...

You will love Breaking has some interesting twists in it. I actually read all of them from the library and just bought Twilight for Sara to start our collection.