Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What I've been up to

Pattern Description: Simple T-shirt with interesting asymmetrical neckline.

Pattern Sizing:36-44. The pattern looked big so I made a 40 because I didn't need a night shirt.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?It had the same basic shape as the pattern picture, but I chose to adapt the pattern to my desires.

Were the instructions easy to follow?This Tshirt only has two pieces so it was fairly straightforward. I changed how the neckline was finished because I didn't care for how they achived the gathered look.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?I like the neckline. It makes a basic T shirt more interesting.

Fabric Used:Cotton knit that I had in my stash.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:The instructions have you bind the edge of the neckline without gathering the bodice and then gather it up with a brooch. I wanted a smoother look and had no plans to wear a brooch, so I gathered the left bodice edge and adjusted the binding to make it lie flat against my chest.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?Yes, I think I may make it again. It would be very comfortable made in a print in a tunic length styled up with a belt.

Conclusion: T-shirt with a twist. Makes up quick and easy and would be a good project for a beginner.

I took the easy way out copying my pattern review...I am too tired to type out another commentary about my new T-shirt. I have been running since I got up today and posting is my last act before I crawl in bed. It has been a crazy few days. Tom is on duty tonight and I am a little uneasy. Last Saturday when he was on duty I had a scare. I was up late working on my T shirt and around midnight I took Jo out for his last relieving before we went to bed. There was a man standing next to Tom's little truck...about 15 yards from the house! We live out of town. It's not like we live in a suburb and someone could just be walking by. You have to walk up a long gravel driveway and behind us is the woods. I ran in the house and called Tom because I figured the fire department would get here before the sheriff would respond. And besides, I wanted my hero here. So the guys came up and of course the man was long gone. It is such a weird feeling because I stood there for a minute staring because I couldn't believe it! I now have the shotgun by the bed...I would probably shoot my foot off, but Tom reassures me that if I just work the slide on the shotgun, it's the universal "GET the !@#$ out of my house!" sign. Scary...Scary! I finished stretching the boat upholstery over the frames today. It's fun to use air tools. I heart staple guns! I just need one more small end piece cut out to cover and then stick a fork in it, cuz it's done! I ran 5K this morning!!! I really want to get back in shape and lose the winter pounds. Tomorrow the dogs have to go get their shots and licenses renewed...the fun never ends around here! I need to go to bed...I'm rambling now...Good night!


ACorgiHouse said...

Scary! I worry about stuff like that, I live in the boonies as well and you never know what people will do. Be careful with the shotgun.. K

Julia said...

That would scare the daylights out of me! You were smart to run in to call your hero and his buddies. My husband's family lived at the end of a mile long dead end road when he was growing up. They used to get people who were lost or up to no good all the time!!

I love using a staple gun too. It makes me feel powerful!

gwensews said...

Nice tshirt. Defiitely worth making again. Wow--what a scary situation. Keep the staple gun handy! That would be another good defense weapon!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I was wondering how that t-shirt would look. I'm going to need to put it on the list!

Rachel said...

I love the t-shirt. That is a scary situation. I just love staple guns.

laura said...

That is a great T-shirt and why does it seem like everything in BWOF is cuter now that I've quit subscribing! Keep that gun handy girl! My sister and her family live on a 50 acre piece of property a quarter of a mile off the main drag and I wouldn't want to show up unexpectedly if you know what I mean.

Summerset said...

Very cute - I like this neckline better than the original. I think I'll give it a try!

Kat said...

That's a cute tee, Mary. Gosh, what a weirdo to be standing in your driveway. I'd be scared too. We just had some psycho constantly shooting a rifle in the woods behind our house. One of the neighbors called the state police, and they came out and yelled with their megaphone into the woods. (Hmmm...like that helped?) They should have had another police cruiser on the adjacent road on the other side.