Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dogs on Thursday or "How I got my Name"

Gaylen did a post on her dogs and the origins of their names, so I decided that I would be a copycat and do the same.
Bazooka Joe was so named because my son in law thought that was an absolutely fabulous name and threatened my daughter with that as the chosen name for my first born grandson. we named the dog that first to make it unappealing. Jo can be a little yappy at times, thus further annoying Bryce. Bazooka Joe goes by Jo-Jo, Knothead, Fluffernut, Little Man,JuJu Bean, as well as Joe Fabulous. Kodi was my daughter's dog, but as often happens when children grow up and move away, he remained with us. Kodi's full name is Kodiak, as in Kodiak bear because he looked just like a bear cub when we brought him home. Sara and I had gone to the shelter to look for a dog and made it all the way through without making a decision. We were moving into a new house I was buying and were not in a hurry to get a dog. As we were leaving the shelter a truck pulled up with a load of puppies in the back. A little girl handed this adorable ball of black fur to my daughter and said "Will you please take him home...he's my favorite?" What would you do? Kodi turned 10 this summer and he is still our favorite. He grew up to look like a fact that's what Hayden calls him..."Bear...Bear". He is big and looks fierce, but truly he is a big teddy bear. The UPS and PUD folk all know him and if you leave your car door open long enough, he'll climb in your car. He acts totally different if I am home alone...he's enough to scare off any would be attacker, but he probably would lick them to death! He goes by Kodi, KodiBear, Knothead (sensing a theme here?), Monkey, Big Boy. Whatever name they go by, they are all known as "Love"


Kristine said...

Awww! Sweet doggies! My hubby did a stint as a FedEx driver and he had dogs jump in his truck and refuse to get out! Thanks for sharing!

Kat said...

What a cute post! Our new cat's name will be Jake. Why? I don't know. We simply like that name. Really, not a good explanation, but my family is so boring so that explains it ;) .