Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thrift Store Bounty

You all know I love a bargain, right??? Well a certain thrift store I frequent gives patterns away for free. Yep...FREE!!! I only take what I think I will use or what I absolutely adore (translation...Vintage) Here is the bounty I brought home yesterday:In this lot there were several vintage patterns. Some of them are maternity smocks...no announcement here...no pressure Sara...I just loved the detailing and who knows? Smock tops may come in again...it happened in the 70's. I also was thrilled to find some fitting and alteration booklets too. Check out the date they were copyrighted...1959, the year I was born! The information is still as good as the current books we pour over! I always buy something because I feel so grateful for the pattern gifts, so I bought some sewing and crochet books (for 25 cents a piece) and a Clint Eastwood movie to add to my video collection (another quarter) Today is a work day, so I have limited time in the studio before I have to go. I have a batch of bread started and a little bit of work left to prepare for the grandkitties arrival tomorrow. This is the real thing for them. We had been doing brief visits at Grammy's house when Sara went out of town, but they are coming to stay for awhile now til Lola flies to England. It has been decided that the Chief will stay with us. She really digs the active lifestyle in our household and it is good for the old man Fig, although I think he has a major crush on Lola. He has been laying in their room staring under the bed hoping she will magically appear. I think he was really turned on by her moxy when she ran out and boxed his ears! He loved that in Baby, and she's a Maine Coon too...one of his kind. It is becoming real for me that my Baby is moving far away...the movers come pack their things on Friday. We had a wonderful day with family on Sunday and will be spending more time together as their departure draws near. Uncle Eric called last night to say Hi and wants to get together for dinner with the kids before they leave...No Chart House this time though...LOL!!! Well, the bread needs punched down and I should get busy with the tasks I need to complete before work...later Kittens!!!


Cennetta said...

Lucky you. Great finds.

gwensews said...

Big people in thift stores are like kids in candy stores, as proven by all those cool patterns!