Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sewing Progress Straight Ahead

Even thought there has been a lack of reviews coming out of my studio, I have been sewing. Last night was a duty night for my hero, so I spent the evening working on my white pique jacket and watching the rerun of this week's Project Runway. Does anyone else think Mitchell needs to go? I'm so tired of his whining and excuses about why his designs miss the mark, and it's only been two challenges. Come on Dude, step it up! I loved Shirin's maternity dress and coat Check out that waist treatment...simply gorgeous! The with pique jacket is almost done. I have the outer shell together with the collar basted and the sleeves ready to insert. Valentine is wearing it so it can develop a nice roll in the collar while I finish sewing the rest of the lining. I need to search the button can for some nice buttons (all my colored buttons are separated in little bins...all the whites are in a coffee can!) This project should be finished in a day or two depending on how much sewing time I can squeeze in. I have some quick knit tops cut out and a charmeuse top that should be a breeze to whip up...the most time consuming chore will be changing the serger thread. With Fall quickly approaching, the cooler weather has begun here in the Pacific Northwest (that could change though...we can get some beautiful weather in September) and my thoughts have turned to cozys after watching the DKNY cozy video. I have the Simplicity version (I have the BS one too, but it has not gotten rave reviews)and I am itching to get started on that! I have several options and I may even try a knit print that I have yards and yards of. It depends on how much I have left over after I cut out my Maggie London dress that jumped in my head when I saw the piece. It was a designer cut from Trendy Fabrics I just checked and I only have 4.5 yards, so it probably will make just the dress and a top, but that's okay...don't cry for me...I have lots of fabric to choose from!!! Now if I just had time!!!

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Becky Andrews said...

You inspire me with your sewing! You are one of my winners for the Book: Today I live ... email me so I can get your address!