Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twilight Tracking

I introduced my daughter to the world of "Twilight". Usually she is the one dragging me into something new and trendy, but while she was busy doing grad school, marriage, running marathons, you know, the usual big girl stuff...I was indulging in a fantasy world of vampires and forbidden love. Once I was bitten I felt compelled to share, so I "made" her watch the Twilight movie with me and then bought her the first book. That's all it took...a little nudge. We really enjoyed picking out the local places used in the movie and so we felt it our fan duty to go have breakfast at the Carver Cafe. The waitress sported a cute T-shirt that said "I had a BITE at the Carver Cafe". They don't have Chief Swan's favorite Blackberry Cobbler on the menu...maybe come fall when the blackberries are rampant here??? We had a wonderful breakfast. The service was slow...I think there were only the waitress and cook working, but it was your typical diner and the coffee flowed, so it was all good. Here is my closeup:

Good times!!!

(pictures shamelessly robbed from Sara's facebook album)


Unknown said...

I love Twilight, too! Inhaled all 4 books between New Year's and Easter, and my students thought my addiction was absolutely hilarious, although the Jacob vs. Edward debate was very serious! I'm waiting to see Twilight until New Moon comes out: double feature!

Maryissewfast said...

Ah, the team Edward vs. team Jacob debate...I was all team Jacob til I got to Breaking Dawn and then I changed my tune!