Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Thank you little peach tree for your yummy goodness! This is the first year our peach tree produced fruit, and boy did it do it in a big way! It is a semi dwarf tree and the variety escapes me at the moment, but if I were to name the variety, I would name it "the Best Peach Ever"! We had already ate about a dozen of them, but decided we'd best get them off the tree as they were starting to fall. I did see one on the ground that had been nibbled upon...I left that for the chippies or squirrels...whatever critter had been enjoying it! I ate one as I danced around the peach tree...nothing finer!!! I am sitting here waiting for the doctors office to call me back (don't you hate that???) I'd much rather be down in the garden crooning to the ipod! Maybe I will take the phone down there with me. I sometimes forget it is portable!!!

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Kat said...

Mmmm! Fresh off the tree--so good!!