Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Life...Back to Reality...

The holidays are now officially over and last night was my first night back at work.  Thank goodness for breaks, because it makes you appreciate what you have.  It actually felt good to be back to work.  I was in such a good mood, I think my boss may have thought I had lost my mind over the Christmas holiday! I got the new class all settled in and today is Dog Day! Dog day is always a good day at Guide Dogs for the Blind!  As far as creating goes, I wore my new crochet vest yesterday and am working on the sweater capelet project.  The pattern is a basket weave that is pretty simple.  Since I am using Boucle yarn, the basket weave does not show up very well, but it does have a wonderful textured look.  I am excited to finish this project. I've decided to commit to one crochet project completed per month (The vest counts as January)  That means only 12 projects per year...that should be totally doable.  Besides, there are a lot of babies coming this projects are quick!!!  Still haven't sewed a stitch, but maybe this morning before I head to work if it doesn't take too long at the post office.  Somebody is waiting for a sewing machine! :) Happy Monday Y'all!

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