Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Girl!

Needle finally met thread today! Hallelujah!  I only had about an hour, but I made good use of my time working on the Missoni knit cardigan I cut out in early December.  I finished fusing all the interfacing and serged all the seam edges that won't be encased.  Sewed the shoulder seams and sleeve bands!  It felt good to sew and my supervisor, The Chief approved!  She cracks me up!  Flying on to the back of my chair, she rubs up against my neck and lets out a little meow...right before she bites my shirt (or hand if I am reaching up to rub her)  If I am not in the chair, it's even more entertaining as she hits the back of the chair and it spins around a time or two!  Where would we be without our furbabies?


Little Sewing Alcove said...

Love my furbabies...always watching me sew ;)

Sher said...

I want a picture of that cardigan :)

Sewfast said...

Cardigan not quite done yet...I got happily distracted, but it should be done soon and I promise a picture!