Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Temptation of Sales

Why do all the good sales come in at once? Okay, I get it...the economy needs stimulated.  Pattern Review is having a wonderful sale on patterns...Jalie patterns included.  Dream come true! Daily I get emails from Fabric Mart,, Fabric Depot, Montavilla Sewing, Over the Rainbow...just to mention a few.  I get all kinds of inspired to shop until my husband tells me how much the recent power bill was...almost four. hundred. dollars! Ugh!!! I hate this time of year for that!  Seems like electricity keeps going up, and mind you, we don't keep the house super warm...66 degrees baby and if you're cold, put on a sweater or get under the blanket.  That's why we have keep us warm (not really, we love them...their furry little warm bodies is just a bonus!)  I did treat myself to a little bit of shopping at the downtown Nordstrom Rack yesterday.  I was working and one of the students commented that she gets her favorite sweaters from Nordstrom's when she noticed we were parked in front of the Rack.  Of course, she had work to do with her dog, but since the nurse had to take her mandatory 1/2 hour lunch break, I offered to go see if they had any of her sweaters at the Rack. Nope...nothing for her, but $11.97 I got a darling little shrug sweater, a surplice sweater in the most perfect shade of turquoise to go under the missoni cardigan I hope to finish today and a cute top with a darling fabric manipulated rose trim at the neckline reminiscent of Cynthia Rowley.  I know I have seen a pattern for this top...I wasn't sure it was a good style for me, but I figured for $3.00 I could pass it on to Sara if it was too young for me.  Mama loves a bargain, so I was pretty tickled with my finds.  Then I heard about the power bill...maybe I need to go look at those Jalies...maybe pick up a few to cheer me, maybe not!  Today I have chores to do.  We are putting down new flooring in the living/dining/kitchen areas, as well as replacing the carpet on the stairs with hardwoods.  Since Tom is working today, I am charged with putting a coat of finish on the hardwoods down in the shop.  Best get at it so some sewing can happen later!


The Slapdash Sewist said...

That is quite a bargain haul! The fabric sales have killed me. I succumbed. Twice. Wishing I'd ordered more.

Struggler said...

I'm sorry about your brother and hope your week is getting easier. It does at least sound like you have plenty of distraction therapy!