Friday, September 3, 2010

Tackling the Food Group at a Time

Another pictureless post friends.  I forgot my camera last night at the pub and today at Emily's Tea House it appeared it might be a major faux pas to whip out the camera so I refrained.  We had scones with clotted cream (looked like butter to me...silly American!) and tea. There was a picture of Charles Dickens with his authenticated signature...way cool!!!  At the pub most of us had fish and chips that was delicious.  I also had a delightful pear cider...mmmmm...good stuff. I fear I will bring back a few extra pounds (and not the money kind of pounds!) with me, but I need to start training again anyway, so it's all good! Tomorrow is a trip to Bury for the market...Sara says there is a magazine guy that sells magazines 3 for a couple pounds...maybe I can find some sewing magazines! More later


gMarie said...

I'll join you in the training when you get home. Eat up for me. Man I loved having Fish & Chips in England. g

Sewfast said...

Sounds good Gaylen! The food here has been amazing! I don't know why some people claim British food is fish and chips I have ever had!