Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day Off #1

I love days away from work! Who doesn't??? I mean, I truly love the work I do and generally head there everyday with a smile on my face, but there is something wonderful about getting up with a loosely structured day and just flowing with it. I can only imagine what that illusive dream called retirement will be like. I think it will be okay. My Dad had a difficult time with retirement, causing my Mom to have an even more difficult time! He didn't have any hobbies or interests (outside of my Mom) to keep him busy, so I think he really missed having somewhere to go and something to do. Not so for me! I have all kinds of ideas and plans and most likely my problem will be having enough time and money to execute them all! Hence, I work and save for the day...but I digress...Today. The only really planned thing is to paint a sign. I know what to paint and the painting will be easy. It's the lettering that will take the time. I am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of thing, and while some people might just slap some paint on a board and "Git-R-Dun", that makes me cringe! So it might just take all day.
In crafting news...sock #1 of my current project is a few rows away from completion, with sock #2 to get a healthy start with the road trip we're taking tomorrow! I'm happy to report we are heading to Bend tomorrow to get the building permits for the shop at our retirement shangrila! This project will commence soon, and I couldn't be more excited! When my Dad passed away, I socked away my share of the inheritance (there were 5 of us kids) and let it just earn interest. It used to earn considerably more interest than it does today, but I knew one day we would be ready to start building. This project will be the shop that Mom and Dad built! I told Tom last night that I plan to put a picture up of Mom and Dad in the "living" area to remind us of this gift. This shop will be the home base for when we actually start building the house. My parents worked hard to provide us kids with everything we needed and I don't want to forget that. Wow, what started out as a sock report turned into something else! Thank you for hanging in with me on my diatribes. I know this is technically a "sewing" blog, but I see it more as my "what's in my head" blog and it is cathartic for me to look back at prior posts and remember what was going on at the time. Well, that sign ain't painting itself and the cup of Joe has run dry, so I'll catch you all on the other side! Later!

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