Monday, April 11, 2011

Bad Blogger

Wow, it's been a week since I posted! What in the world have I been doing? It's been a busy week...working a lot, medical appointments and,'s little details. Sadly there has been very little sewing going on, but on a bright note, a heckuva lot of knitting has been happening. I am on a sock kick, which is great because I can take them everywhere with me and I can knit during the commute to Portland with the students (unless for some freakish reason I have to drive, but the Nurse does not generally drive). Knitting has been my saving grace lately because when I am feeling frustrated or for lack of a better description...just totally pissed off...I can calm myself be focusing on my knitting. Today is my "Friday", so perhaps some sewing will happen on my weekend...we shall see. The sewing cave needs to be tidied in the worst way, so maybe I will do that before I head into work this afternoon. And since no post should go without a picture, I leave you with my favorite little boy in the world!
He's creative like his Grandma!


gMarie said...

I was wondering where you went to lately. Sorry life is hectic, but isn't knitting great for keeping you from killing people?

I bought fabric to make the sundress this past weekend. It's now sitting on the dryer - waitin for it's turn through the process. g

Donna said...

So Cute Mary. Isn't knitting wonderful? At least you can take it with you.
Darling baby!

Vintage Girl said...

He is so cute! Looks like you are having more fun with him then sewing! Wise choice, I would pick playing with the baby over sewing any day!

Julia said...

Oh my gosh he is growing so fast!!! What a handsome smile!

Unknown said...

Hi Mary, I put my sewing machine away just yesterday. Did one last project and now I'm mostly painting. Knitting is so portable. Whatever you do, enjoy!